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Specialty Bus Cleaning For Coronavirus

Carolina Bus Sales and Service LLC offers Coronavirus Cleaning and Disinfection service to local buses and other commercial vehicles.

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Coronaviruses (CoV) are a large family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases. The current coronavirus spreading the in the U.S., COVID-19, is particularly dangerous. It can survive on surfaces for up to a week, and people infected by the virus don’t show symptoms until approximately two weeks after infection, making it difficult to track and contain.

One way to fight back against the virus – and to help ensure the health and safety of staff and passengers – is to hire a trusted professional bus company for professional bus cleaning.

Bus Cleaning and Disinfecting Services

Cleaning/Disinfecting Service

  • Wash outside of bus
  • Wash inside of bus
  • Remove all A/C covers
  • Clean A/C filters
  • Clean A/C evaporator coils with food-grade coil cleaner (not harmful to breathe)
  • Clean heater coils with food-grade coil cleaner (not harmful to breathe)
  • Clean drivers’ ventilation and duct work (where applicable)
  • Clean seats and heavy traffic touch areas with EPA-approved products, raise seat bottoms to clean highly soiled areas
  • Clean floor treads and cracks
  • Sanitize bus by wiping down seats, luggage racks, handrails, steering wheels and any point of contact with EPA-approved products

Ventilation cleaning and disinfecting services only are available upon request. 

Our bus-cleaning services are available to anyone in the Upstate area, regardless of whether or not you purchased a bus from Carolina Bus Sales.

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Disclaimer: Carolina Bus Sales and Service LLC does not claim or attempt to claim that this service can or will prevent any virus from inhabiting your buses. Please be advised that nothing completely eliminates bacteria or viruses, and these are efforts to contain and control the spread of a virus.

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Your service and bus were great! Everything went well. I have given your name to several other 4H Clubs. We got a great minibus!

Sondra Williams Fortner, 4H Clubs, Johnson County, GA



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