Requiring Stop-Arm Cameras on School Buses

Written By: LaJuan Bobo - September 6th, 2019

Our series on school bus safety continues with a lawmaker in Frankfort, KY, who has pre-filed legislation that would require the use of stop-arm cameras to catch motorists who illegally pass stopped school buses.  The legislation would require school districts to install and maintain stop-arm cameras on their daily route school buses, and allow districts to partner with a third-party designee, such as a stop-arm camera supplier, to process and issue citations to offending motorists.

The bill states that stop-arm violators would be subject to fines of up to $200 for the first offense and up to $500 for each subsequent offense occurring within a three-year period. 

Approximately 80% of the fine revenue, according to the bill, would be given to school districts to help pay for the cost of installing and operating the cameras, while the remaining funds would be distributed between the Kentucky Department of Education and the corresponding law enforcement agency that issued the citation.

If the legislation is passed, school districts would have to install stop-arm cameras on their buses by Aug. 1, 2023.


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