Alabama School District Donates Supplies for Tornado Victims

Written By: LaJuan Bobo - March 15th, 2019

Macon County School students filled a school bus with supplies as an encouragement to help those who were affected by the tornado that recently swept through the southeastern U.S.


Students, faculty and staff at Macon County Schools in Alabama were asked to donate nonperishable items: Paper towels, toilet paper, soap and clothing. The items were then loaded directly onto a school bus.  On March 13, Superintendent of Macon County Schools Dr. Jaqueline Brooks took the school bus full of essential goods to Lee County, which was in the direct path of two tornadoes last week.

Several schools throughout Alabama closed school for several days after the tornado warning took place. Lee County was reportedly hit the worst. Local Media reported that 23 people there were killed due to the tornadoes. School was closed for a week while students and teachers mourned the lives of those lost.

A benefit concert for victims was held Wednesday by Lee County School District in Opelika, Alabama.

Another example on how school buses not only get students to and from school, but can be used to help those in need.

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