Managing Student Behavior on the School Bus

Written By: LaJuan Bobo - January 24th, 2020

The biggest safety challenge for transportation operators may be the students who disobey rules, bully other passengers, or act out with violence.  Here are a few things school districts and bus drivers can do to ensure they are effectively managing student behavior and supporting a positive riding experience.

With onboard WiFi connections students can spend time completing homework on the bus. WiFi coupled with video cameras can help bus operators catch culprits in the act, and address the issue using audio and video recordings as evidence.  Districts also have the ability to notify law enforcement of incidents on the bus in real-time and address them before further endangering drivers and passengers.

Then there are seating charts and lap/shoulder seatbelts, which are designed to secure passengers in one place. Some districts agree that these methods can also dramatically improve behavior because passengers are restrained from moving around the vehicle.

School staff and transportation staff should also be trained together in student behavior management so that all staff are on the same page.

A supportive bus climate is one where students experience positive peer and adult relationships.  When students experience safe and supportive climates, they have increased bonding to school and caring about education.

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