NYC School Buses to Be Equipped With Tire Traction Device

Written By: LaJuan Bobo - June 15th, 2018

More than 16,000 school buses in New York City will soon have a traction recovery device on board under a newly approved contract with Trac-Grabber LLC.

Trac-Grabber is described as a rescue and recovery device that can be strapped to the wheels of a vehicle, in this case school buses, to help the driver get “unstuck” from snow, mud, or sand.  The devices have straps that go through the holes in the tire rim after the hubcaps have been removed. The wheels spin to the point that they engage, lift, and move the vehicle to safer ground. They are installed on the “drive wheels” that receive power from the engine and the transmission.   


For the New York City Department of Education contract, the Florida-based company will provide three models of its traction grips and a one-time training for each contracted school bus operator.

The devices would be good for any area that gets its fair share of rain and snow!

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