Pennsylvania School Bus Driver Doubles as Santa Claus for the Holidays

Written By: LaJuan Bobo - December 20th, 2019

School bus driver Kathy Neidlinger never fails to put a smile on the face of the students she transports, especially the one day a year when she channels her inner Old Saint Nick.

Neidlinger started in pupil transportation about 36 years ago with contractor Newhurst Transportation and has been behind the wheel of a school bus ever since. She services Pine Grove Area School District in Pennsylvania, northwest of Philadelphia, and enjoys every minute of it.

Neidlinger goes all-out for the students, going as far as dressing up as Santa Claus, which elementary school principal and transportation coordinator Sandra Burns said the kids love.

“Our kids are faced with so many issues they deal with on a daily basis, it is nice to see people like [Neidlinger] who can start their day and end their day with [them],” Burns said. “She always greets them with a smile, and by chance a Santa outfit. [That is] reassuring to know that our students are beginning their school days with her and then ending it on a positive note as well.”

Dressing up isn’t solely reserved for Christmas time, though. During Halloween, she also dresses up in costumes, so her students have grown to look forward to her festivities.

“We can’t thank her enough,” Burns said. “Even when addressing any issues that do occur, [Neidlinger] is not one to yell. She will call in and ask for support, but she never ever yells at the children or [does] anything in a negative way. She will hold them accountable, but she is always pleasant in doing so.”

We should all have that spirit in our heart, not only during the holidays, but every day of the year!

From everyone at Carolina Bus Sales, have a Very Merry Christmas!!!


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