Written By: LaJuan Bobo - December 11th, 2017

We have posted blogs about how school bus drivers go above and beyond their duties of getting students to and from school and school activities.  This is another story about how drivers are serving their community and those in need.

Omaha school bus drivers prep for their big Christmas party as they continue efforts in wrapping gifts and spreading the holiday cheer for their adopted children from Restored Hope, according to WOWT.

Bus driver Charlene Dunn who works for contractor Student Transportation of America detailed that she and other staff will hold their annual bake sale to raise money for additional gifts for the children and their big Christmas party on Dec. 16.

Dunn and fellow team members will bus the children into their south base for their event. She also indicated that her 18 students have received gifts, and possibly more.

Another way school bus drivers are giving back!

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