School Bus Tracking App and COVID-19-Related Trips

Written By: LaJuan Bobo - July 3rd, 2020

In California, technology solutions provider CalAmp and subsidiary Synovia Solutions have introduced a new feature to school bus tracking app Here Comes the Bus to help schools manage routes and trips necessitated by COVID-19.

The new functionality allows district transportation officials to create designated stops in the tracking app without routing software, enabling users to track any bus route. It also allows smaller districts that do not use routing software to deploy the Here Comes the Bus app.

Here Comes The Bus is currently being used by several school districts across the U.S. in pilot programs to track and alert parents about these new bus routes spurred by the pandemic-related school closings, which include meal and homework pickup and delivery.  Stanly County School District in North Carolina has deployed Here Comes the Bus to deliver meals to students during the mandated school closures resulting from COVID-19.

 “We listened to our customers and developed an innovative solution specific to their needs,” said Jeff Clark, senior vice president of product management at CalAmp. “This new enhancement builds on the legacy of dependability and intuitiveness that’s been the hallmark of our success and now enables us to expand the app to serve smaller school districts.”

More than 300 districts across North America use Here Comes the Bus to deliver real-time school bus arrival and departure notifications to parents via mobile push and email notifications, according to CalAmp. The school bus tracking app is deployed by more than 2 million registered users today in major metropolitan school districts such as Minneapolis; Sacramento, Calif.; Charlotte, N.C.; and Orlando, Fla.; as well as scores of smaller districts.

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