Written By: LaJuan Bobo - September 11th, 2017

With Hurricane Harvey wreaking havoc in southeastern Texas last week and causing school closures, some school bus operations in the region have been contributing to relief efforts.  The buses have been used to transport evacuees – as well as donated food and supplies – to local shelters.

The districts that were dispatched to support the evacuation efforts are Humble Independent School District (ISD), New Caney ISD, Houston ISD, Beaumont ISD and Bay City ISD.  School districts farther from the storm are also working to support displaced families.  San Antonio ISD and Austin ISD said that evacuees can enroll in their schools while clean up and rebuilding are taking place.  School districts as far as New York and Missouri are also asking what they can do to help.

Representatives from Humble ISD were stated as saying “as flood waters recede, district staff are assessing each campus and working with authorities to determine when closed roadways will reopen.

And now, Florida, Georgia and South Carolina, among other states affected by the wrath of Hurricane Irma, will also need their neighbor’s help.  It is so heart warming to see communities pull together in time of need!

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