School Districts Participate in International Walk to School Day

Written By: LaJuan Bobo - October 25th, 2019

Thousands of students across the country joined several schools in various weather conditions to celebrate Safe Routes to School Annual Walk and Bike to School Day. For more than 20 years, International Walk and Bike to School Day have helped students stay safe while they travel to and from school.

Safe Routes for Schools stated that more than 5,000 schools nationwide participated in the event.  Many school districts and local law enforcement promoted the day on social media. Schools celebrated the day with pep rallies, assemblies with the school band and local officials coming out in support.

While Wednesday, October 2nd, was the official International Walk and Bike to School Day, districts celebrated throughout the week and chose a day that worked best for them

NHTSA recommends these safety best practices when walking to school:

Watch the road, not your phone.

Walk on the sidewalk or, if there is none, walk facing traffic.

When crossing the street, cross at a corner or marked crosswalk.

Stop and look left-right-left for vehicles, motorcycles and bicyclists. Wait to cross after traffic has passed.

Be sure to push the pedestrian button and wait for pedestrian crossing signals, if available.

Never play, push or shove others when you walk around traffic.


Safe Routes for School posted on its website that walking to school when you live near, promotes health, allows students to gain independence, confidence and allows students to arrive at school ready to learn.


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