Written By: LaJuan Bobo - October 5th, 2018

With the ongoing problem with not enough drivers and/or school buses to transport students to and from school, Lower Kuskokwin School District (LSKD) in Bethel, Alaska is turning to taxi drivers as a way to transport students to school until new school buses arrive, reports YKUK.

As school started this fall, both administrators and parents were looking for other options to get students to and from school. LKSD was unable to agree on a new contract with Golden Eagle, the district’s school bus transportation provider for over 20 years. That left LKSD scrambling for a solution, with little time left before school classes began.

A recent deal with Kusko Cab might be a short-term solution. The owner of the cab company, Naim Shabani, said he would try to operate as close to a bus service as possible.  The students are receiving cab vouchers and Kusko Cab will pick students up at the designated stops throughout town. LKSD will only be using the cab service until it receives its newly purchased buses,  

Parents have their own concerns with a taxi for transporting their children to school. Some are worried about their younger children being in the car alone with drivers, while others are upset about the increased traffic the cabs could cause.

The school district is also providing reimbursements to parents who drive their children to school during this time, with the rates based on distance.

The school superintendent said this new bus system will be better in the long run, even though the first few days were rocky.


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