The School Bus as a Source of Inspiration for Poetry

Written By: LaJuan Bobo - January 19th, 2018

Throughout time, poets have drawn inspiration from a myriad of sources, from nature to love. George Horne took his inspiration from a school bus!

Horne, a pupil transportation consultant who began his career as an English teacher, has published his own collection of poems about the yellow bus world and the people in it. He even penned a series of limericks about the Southeastern Pupil Transportation Conference.

Horne's creative works have touched on both the comical and the serious sides of school transportation. In his work Black and Yellow is Our World, originally printed in 2012, he covers such topics as the important work of the school bus driver, the educational robot Buster the School Bus, federal motor vehicle safety standards, and a school bus unloading fatality. He even wrote a poem about transporting students with disabilities. Here are a couple of verses from the poem:

The Special Point of View

By George Horne

It's start-up time on Number 2.

I take my seat and pray,

“Lord help us meet each challenge

That confronts us on this day.”

My driver, Gus … perhaps the best …

A gentle man, but firm.

The kids all like his curly hair

And tease about his “perm.” . . . . .

Our students all are such a joy.

Each has a different place

In mine and in the heart of Gus.

They know! It's in each face.

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