Top 5 Most-Viewed Feature Articles of 2017

Written By: LaJuan Bobo - January 26th, 2018

Feature articles that drew the most traffic on the School Bus Fleet website in 2017 included tips on buying a used school bus, an immigrant’s journey from cab driver to running a school bus company, and adding red lights to buses to deter illegal passing.

Here are details on the five most-viewed features of the year.

1.    How and When to Buy a Used School Bus
When it comes to purchasing a used school bus, you may already know a lot more than you think about making the right choice.

2.    From Cab Driver to CEO: An Ethiopian Immigrant’s Drive for School Bus Success
Tashitaa Tufaa discovered a passion for driving and a need in Minneapolis for a dedicated school bus contractor. He now employs over 400 people as the CEO of student transportation company Metropolitan Transportation Network.


3.    Extra Red Lights Linked to Decrease in Illegal Passing
Five Iowa districts that tested supplemental warning lights on school buses have seen stop-arm violations drop by at least 50%.

4.    School Bus Tracking Apps Aim to Give Parents Peace of Mind
Tracking apps can be a useful tool for alerting families when there has been a bus delay or route change. These apps are also designed to help students have fewer tardy days and absences.

5.    10 Phenomenal Women in School Transportation
School Bus Fleet found out more about some of the women across the U.S. who are crucial to making school buses run safely and on time.

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