West Virginia District Demonstrates New School Bus Safety Features

Written By: LaJuan Bobo - September 14th, 2018

A local school district has added several safety features to many of its buses.  Kanawha County Schools held a demonstration at its St. Albans bus terminal in the morning hours when it was still dark, to show parents, students, and the public how Gardian Angel, the new safety lighting system it is using, illuminates the path students take to the bus in the dark.

“We showed how bright the lights would be, what students would encounter with the Gardian Angel lights, and the extended stop arm and new LED lights,” Brette Fraley, executive director of the district’s transportation department, told SBF. “We are giving awareness that with school back in session, these are the different features you are going to see on the bus.”

Fifty of the buses are now equipped with Gardian Angel lights, Fraley said, and because the district’s superintendent and drivers like the technology, another 50 buses will be outfitted with the lighting system this fall.

The transportation department is using Gardian Angel’s dual-head light versus its single-head light, after receiving approval for it from the state. The dual-head light was chosen because drivers who participated in the transportation department’s pilot with the single-head light said that students were boarding from both sides of the bus, so illumination was needed on both sides.

The Gardian Angel safety lighting system was approved for use on school buses in West Virginia.  The system was installed on 10 buses in Kanawha County last year.


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