Used Activity Buses for Sale

Are in the market for a multi-function school activity bus, or MFSAB? Does your daycare facility, preschool, charter school or retirement center need a used activity bus for transporting children or adults?

Carolina Bus Sales offers the Southeast’s best selection of used activity buses. We have used 14-passenger buses, used 34-passenger and 39-passenger buses, and other sizes available in our wide inventory of used buses. We carry the top brands, including used Thomas School Buses and used IC buses. Our activity buses are fully refurbished to be ready to safely and reliably transport children, teens or adults.

Own your own activity bus

Owning your own activity bus means you can increase opportunities and access for your organization. Some examples of activity bus use include:

  • Charter schools and independent schools use activity buses for field trips and sports events
  • Daycares and preschools use activity buses for field trips and special outings
  • Retirement homes use activity buses to visit museums, theatres, stores and special events
  • Churches use activity buses for youth group outings, to pick people up for church services, and for church events

Save money with a used activity bus

When you own your own multi-function activity bus, you don’t have to worry about scheduling bus rentals, paying high costs or dealing with faulty equipment. Your MFSAB will be fully refurbished by Carolina Bus Sales’ professionals to run reliably – all at a much lower cost than buying a new bus. If you think your school or church can’t afford to have your own activity bus, then contact us for competitive prices on used activity buses, or look into our bus financing options.


The bus I bought from you is great! We have not had any problems. We use our bus nearly every day and it is reliable, safe transportation. Over the years we have purchased three buses from them and they have all worked out great. I know Mr. Cash and Charlie personally and I trust them and their organization.

Emily Blackwell, Tiger River Children’s Center, Moore, SC



Have a question or interested in purchasing a bus? Call us at 864-461-7088 or email us using the form below, or simply drop by our office. We’d be glad to talk with you and help you find the right used school bus for your needs.

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